Xfix - Large Diameter Adjustable Reamer

Xfix™ large-diameter, multi-tooth reamers are all about bringing the highest possible performance and precision to hole production. And, thanks to a modular construction shank and extension program, they can achieve cutting depths up to 6.5xD within a diameter range of 39.5 – 154.5 mm.

These reamers are quick and easy to adjust. A precision manufactured insert pocket for the back taper requires no adjustment, while only one screw is required to set the diameter and secure the insert.

The patented pre-loaded guiding pads system used with these reamers guarantees the stability of the cutting process and ensures reliable tool life.

Xfix reamers come with inserts that have either four or eight numbered edges and take advantage of the latest in coatings technology for an overall cost-effective holemaking solution.

Four edges inserts are to be used when cutting long chipping material to guarantee optimal chip control. Eight numbered edges inserts will offer low cost consumable cost in short chipping cast iron.

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