Snap-Tap - Laydown Insert Threading System

We use advanced manufacturing processes to produce the precision cutting edges on our Snap-Tap® thread turning tools. The process eliminates the need for secondary grinding or honing operations, which makes these tools a highly economical choice. Pair these tools with our Anti-Twist Toolholders and solid suggestions from our Thread Turning Wizard software and there’s no thread turning application you can’t handle.

Our popular range of Snap-Tap® thread turning tools are available in three insert chipbreaker geometries for the successful machining of steel and stainless steel. While each geometry serves a unique purpose, they all feature the CP500 grade that features a highly wear resistant PVD coating to provide dependable machining for a large majority of common thread turning applications.

The innovative toolholders made for use with Snap-Tap® inserts offer the best possible holding power available for long tool life and high accuracy. They employ an Anti-Twist insert locking system that features a carbide pin in the back of the insert pocket that resists wear and prevents the insert from turning or twisting under pressure during machining. For added insert and toolholder rigidity, a D-style clamp securely pulls the insert down and into the pocket.

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