Reduction Sleeves

A variety of reduction sleeves are available to increase the flexibility of Seco tooling systems by allowing chucks to securely accommodate a greater range of tool diameters.

Reduction sleeves for Power Milling Chucks (PMCh) provide each chuck with the ability to hold multiple shank diameters. Suitable for all tool types with a cylindrical shank, these sleeves can be used in both roughing and finishing applications and provide stable performance in applications generating high levels of torque. PMCh reduction sleeves are available for cylindrical, Weldon  and Whistle Notch ∅ ≤ 25 mm (1.0″).

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Product Description

For tools without internal coolant channels, the PMCh reduction sleeves feature slots along the tool shank that can deliver coolant to the cutting zone. Alternatively, stop screws can be used for tools that accommodate through-tool coolant.

Reduction sleeves for hydraulic chucks act as split collets and grip more shank types and sizes: cylindrical, Weldon, Whistle Notch ∅ ≤ 25 mm (1.0″). Run-out with the sleeve is maximum 5 μm at 3 x d (d being the internal diameter of the sleeve). Transmittable torque with a reduction sleeve is at least equivalent to chucks without a sleeve.

Note: As grooves are not all along the sleeves for hydraulic chucks, coolant is still forced through the tool center (as when using a hydraulic chuck without sleeve).