Power Milling Chucks

Increase your flexibility with Seco’s Power Milling Chucks, extremely versatile holders that provide high clamping torque and are extremely easy to use. Power Milling Chucks offer run-out qualities of up to 5µm at 3xd and incorporate reduction sleeves that allow multiple tool diameters to be held by a single holder.

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Product Description

Incorporating a nut-and-needle bearing that acts on the small tapered external diameter of the body, Power Milling Chucks are easy and fast to use. Operators simply tighten the nut on the holder until it comes into contact with the body. Power Milling Chucks can be used with all types of tools with cylindrical shanks for both roughing and finishing operations.

Power Milling Chucks are available in two diameters: 20mm and 32mm (0.75″ and 1.25″). Available machine side connections include HSK-A, Seco-Capto, Din, Bt, Ansi, Din taper-face, Bt taper-face and Ansi taper-face. Reduction sleeves allow the holders to be used with tools ranging from 6mm to 25mm (0.25″ to 1.0″).

When used with tools without internal coolant channels, coolant can be delivered to the cutting zone via grooves along the tool shank of the chuck or sleeve. For tools with internal coolant channels, special stop screws can be used to force coolant through the tool.