Pcd General Turning - Iso Inserts

We formulate our Secomax™ PCD grades to significantly reduce production costs when machining aluminum alloys, titanium and other non-ferrous materials.

PCD (polycrystalline cubic diamond) is an advanced material that comes as a result of sintering together selected diamond particles at high pressure and temperature

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Product Description

Secomax PCD20
PCD20 is a general purpose grade that can cover many applications. It is the first choice when a good balance between wear resistance and toughness is needed. PCD20 has a medium grain size and is recommended for low to medium content silicon aluminum alloys.

Secomax PCD30
PCD30 has a large grain size, resulting in high wear resistance. PCD30 is recommended for machining of medium to high content silicon aluminum alloys, as well as other abrasive materials, like metal matrix composites, tungsten carbide and ceramics.

Secomax PCD05
PCD05 has a very fine grain size and has a well-sintered, homogeneous structure, resulting in very high edge quality. PCD05 has a high toughness combined with a high wear resistance, making it ideal for milling applications. Due to the high edge quality, PCD05 is recommended in applications with high surface finish requirements, as well as when machining composite materials.

Secomax PCD30M
PCD30M has a multimodal grain size, which gives PCD30M a unique combination of wear resistance, edge strength and edge quality. PCD30M is suitable for machining of abrasive materias while maintaining a good surface quality. PCD30M is recommended for machining of medium to high content silicon aluminum alloys. The thermal stability of PCD30M allows for machinin in bimetal applications, like aluminum and grey cast iron.