Pcbn General Turning - Iso Inserts

We formulate our Secomax™ PCBN grades to significantly reduce production costs when machining hardened steel, pearlitic cast iron, hard iron and super alloys.

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PCBN (polycrystalline cubic boron nitride) is an advanced material that comes as a result of sintering micron CBN powders with various ceramics to create extremely hard and thermally stable cutting tools.

Product Description

Secomax CBN010
Universal uncoated grade for turning hardened steels

Secomax CBN060K
PVD coated premium grade for finish turning case hardened steels within the H10-H20 range

Secomax CBN150
Universal uncoated grade for finish turning hardened steel with interrupted surfaces

Secomax CBN170
First-ever PCBN grade made for machining nickel-based superalloys

Secomax CBN200
Turning and milling grade for roughing and finishing hardened steel/irons, powdered/sintered irons and grey cast irons

Secomax CBN300
Grade for machining grey cast iron

Secomax CBN400C
PVD coated grade for finish machining grey cast iron

Secomax CBN500
Grade invented exclusively for machining white cast iron and high Mn steel

Secomax CBN600
Universal grade for machining grey and white cast irons

Secomax CH0550
Premium grade to be used at high-speeds in continuous cuts in applications with high surface finish requirements, ISO H05

Secomax CH2540
Premium grade to provide high wear resistance and toughness in applications that consist of continuous cuts and medium interruptions, ISO H15-25

Secomax CH3515
Premium grade that offers unmatched toughness in heavy interrupted cuts, ISO H35