Nanofix - Solid Carbide Reamer

Nanofix Solid Carbide Reamers are designed for small diameters from 2.97 to 12.05 mm (.117″ – .474″).

These versatile reamers have internal coolant with a simple adjustable system so the outlet style can be set for either through or blind bore, depending on application. The Nanofix produces hole quality of IT7.

Featuring the patented Quick-Fit clamping system, Nanofix holds the entire diameter range with only two holders. This precise quick tool changing system reduces the time needed to change tools and eliminates the need to recheck the overall length and positioning when replacing reamer. Plus with only two shank sizes, only two sizes of Quick-Fit holders are needed thereby reducing the number of items in stock.

This multi-tooth solid carbide reamer is available in three geometries: EB45, EB845 and EB25. The range includes coated and uncoated grades. Nanofix is also available in a shorter length, which is great for lathe and compact applications.

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