Minimaster™ is a unique, versatile end milling system that can combine different solutions for optimum accessibility and maximum stability and security.

The flexible two-piece design combines shanks and inserts to save time, money and create a versatile tool that enables users to find a solution for almost every application – whether they need to minimize the overhang, attain maximum stability, or more. When an insert is worn, users easily replace just the insert, saving the cost of replacing the entire tool and the time for regrinding.

Product Description

The Minimaster range encompasses a wide range of inserts and shanks, making it the most flexible end milling system in the industry. There are more than 600 combinations of inserts and shanks for each diameter between 6 – 20 mm, and the inserts can be ordered in many different versions such as under-sized inserts for keyway, square shoulder inserts with sharp edges or corner radius, center drilling, chamfering 45–60° or double chamfer, high feed inserts, plunge milling and copy milling inserts in 90–120° ball nose versions.

Seco Minimaster for 3D milling is available in 2- and 3- flute versions, with 3-flute version it is possible to improve the productivity with higher feed rates, and with 2-flute version it is possible to minimize the risk of vibration.