Minimaster Plus

Minimaster™ Plus is the next generation line of end mills with replaceable fluted inserts.  This replaceable cutting head tool system builds on the success of the industry leading Minimaster™ system and reaches the highest level of precision and productivity.

A secure cutter/shank interface enables Minimaster™ Plus to handle higher cutting forces. In turn, these end mills deliver increased metal removal rates in roughing and semi-finishing operations.

Product Description

Minimaster™ Plus is a cost-effective solution that enables users to replace only worn inserts rather than the entire tool. Exchangeable inserts for different shanks also allow higher cutting data, eliminates regrinding and ensures a consistent tool life.

Replacing the insert is fast and easy and can be done without removing the shank from the holder or machine or re-measuring the whole assembly. Once an insert is replaced, the axial and radial positions remain the same for maximum precision.

Available in two-, three-, four-, five-, six- and eight- flute versions, Minimaster™ Plus is capable of machining all kinds of materials. Two and three-flute versions feature internal through coolant channels to ensure accurate cooling and efficient chip evacuation.

The four-flute head features larger helix angles and shorter flute lengths measuring 0.7xD, which significantly boosts stability. The added stability makes these heads especially well-suited for aggressive material removal in demanding applications and 5-axis machining where cutter ends are used more frequently than the entire flute lengths. They are ideal large radial engagement and small axial engagement conditions.

Five, six- and eight-flute version are recommended for contouring.

The Minimaster™ Plus inserts are also available as short and long carbide blanks for production of own geometries.

Available in diameters ranging from 10 – 16 mm (.39″ – .63″), the Minimaster™ Plus line includes a flexible mix of inserts and shanks.