Indexable Insert Drills

Seco’s range of Perfomax™ indexable insert drills features strong square inserts with four cutting edges, high drill body stability, a low friction coating, unique chip flute design and inserts with modern grades that use Duratomic® technology.

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Product Description

The DP3000 Duratomic grade provides Perfomax an edge when it comes to strength. This extremely tough grade offers superior heat resistance, allowing it to be used in a wider application range to give you increased versatility and a greater output.

DP2000 is the easy choice if you are interested in decreasing your costs and boosting productivity. With Seco’s Duratomic technology providing the grade with a thicker coating, you will find it to be extremely resistant to heat and exceptional for drilling at high speeds in steel and cast iron.

T250D is the first choice for heat resistant materials and inserts in this grade feature sharp cutting edges to minimize heat generation during the drilling process. This results in long tool life and excellent hole quality.

Perfomax has continuously improved over the last two decades, leading to a highly productive, reliable and economical solution for drilling holes. Through its unique features, Perfomax offers you significant cost reductions through high application security, versatility, higher output and reduced tool cost.

Diameter range 15 – 160 mm (.590 – 6.299 inch)