High Feed Mills

High feed milling is a milling method that permits up to three times faster machining than conventional methods.

It pairs shallow depth of cut with high feed per tooth which gives higher metal removal rates and results in more parts being machined. The cutting forces are directed at the machine spindle in the axial direction, which means greater stability and reduced vibrations, extending tool life. Additionally, high feed milling tools save time by avoiding semi finishing and reducing tool changes.

Product Description

Our expansive range of high feed milling solutions meets all application needs. Plus, with the help of Seco’s knowledgeable and experienced team, you can seamlessly implement high speed milling techniques to increase your productivity and competitiveness.

Face milling with the high feed milling method is perfect for creating a good platform for further machining operations or a final finishing. In most applications, you’ll often get such fine tolerances that only final finishing is needed.

High feed milling is also very practical for copy mill machining uneven surfaces and is highly effective in cavity milling and creating molds and dies. With copy milling and cavity milling, the application indicates the necessary tool diameter, making selecting the right tool easy.

In helical interpolation, high feed milling is suitable for making large-diameter holes because it often means skipping pre-machining or pre-drilling. It’s also commonly used for plunging operations, especially when machining difficult materials such as titanium and other light alloys.