Easyshrink Evo


Don’t slow down your high accuracy machining operations with cumbersome tool holding solutions. Easyshrink Evo offers fast, ergonomic shrinking and unshrinking for steel, high-speed steel (HSS), heavy metal or carbide tools, reducing tool-change downtime. Featuring a heating unit with optimized automatic heating programs, the Easyshrink Evo uses an induction heat element to prevent overheating, minimize energy consumption and keep heat focused on the clamping area.

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Product Description


In addition to convenient storage for stop rods, heat-focusing stoppers and finned support rings, the unit has an intuitive two-button operation pad and simple induction mechanism for ergonomic use.

Designed to perform shrinking cycles in two to seven seconds and cooling cycles in as fast as three minutes with the optional water-cooling system, the Easyshrink Evo makes tool setting easy. For specialized holders or specific heating cycles, operators have the possibility to access a secure web-based interface via WiFi or ethernet connection to create new manual programs.


The rigidity established with Easyshrink allows the use of high cutting data, with drastic increases in productivity (especially when drilling) compared to other toolholder types. Additionally, with its superior holding force, concentricity and balance, the chip load is evenly distributed on the cutting edge. This extends tool, holder and spindle life. The reduced tool-change downtime contributes to considerable reduction in machining costs.


With a fully protected transmission structure linked to an induction heating system, the Easyshrink Evo makes shrinkfit holders safe and easy to use. The focused heat of the induction unit and optimized pre-programmed cycles prevent overheating for long holder life. For further operator safety, the optional refrigeration unit provides a ready-to-use tool in less than five minutes.



  • Easyshrink Evo heating unit (ZFM30IN10)
  • Optional refrigeration unit (ZFM30RE1)



  • Extended toolholder life because of individual optimized heat settings
  • Ergonomic tool setting ensures safety due to the machine design
  • Fast and easy operation due to simple interface
  • Versatility and flexibility with an all-in-one solution


  • Setup times for high accuracy machining operations is too long for optimal, cost-effective processes
  • Overheated tool holder and broken cutting tools adds costs resulting in unnecessary scrapping of tool holders


  • Reduce tool-change downtime with our energy-efficient clamping, all-in-one shrinkfit unit with induction heating element and automated heating cycles
  • Ensure the longest possible tool life for your shrinkfit holders and tools with fully optimized heating and cooling cycles and accessories designed to easily remove broken tools