Coolant Tubes

Depending on machine requirements, HSK Form A, B, D, or E holders must be equipped with a coolant tube or sealing plug. Using holders without a coolant tube or fitted sealing plug could cause unseen spindle damage.

EPB holders HSK-A and HSK-E (standard range), and HSK-B and D (specials), are delivered without coolant tube (2) or sealing plug (1). Coolant tube (2), tube spanner (3) and sealing plug (1) must be ordered separately.

Coolant tubes of two parts and including two identical seals allow a slight angular movement of ±1° (standard requirement). They require a specific mounting spanner (there is no standardized design).

Plugs (delivered with a seal) use standard hexagonal locking keys not available in the catalog. Note: DIN 69893 Form C and F do not generally require a coolant tube or plug.

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Through coolant and sealing functions are provided by the locking unit.