Combimaster Threaded Modular System

Combimaster is a modular milling cutter system with a wide range of shank types, lengths and interchangeable cutter heads.

The range includes the Steadyline® vibration damping holders that automatically counteracts and eliminates tool vibration. This patented solution boosts productivity and process security, and make the Combimaster system ideal in long overhang situations.

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Product Description

With square shoulder and end mills, copy mills, face mills, plunge mills and disc mills included, the system offers maximum flexibility over a wide range of applications. All Combimaster heads and shanks have coolant holes and many of the cutter heads are available in different pitch versions.

The system also includes an ER Collet System for face and side milling operations. Unlike anything else on the market, the system combines ER collets, ER clamping nuts and a ball bearing interface that allows for unmatched tool positioning and tightening during setup. Available in three ER sizes and five different thread-size connections, the system supports a wide range of interchangeable milling cutter heads, especially those in the Turbo line.