Collets For Collet Chucks

Seco offers a range of ER collets to support our collet chucks. ER collets are available as standard, sealed and sealed with through-coolant channels directed to the cutting edge.

ER HP collets offer extremely high precision for EPB 5672, achieving a maximum run-out of just 3 µm at a gauge projection of 3xD. This collet contains a distinctive plastic ring that makes it easily visually distinguishable from less precise collets.

ISO 15488-B standard ER collets are available for EPB 5675 and provide a maximum run-out of 10 µm at 3xD.

ER tapping collets with a square drive type are offered for EPB 5867 synchronized tapping chucks. These collets provide precise tap holding and positive torque transmission from toolholders to the tap tool.

All ER collet tapers are angled by α=16 degrees.

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