Bridge Bars

Seco offers a complete range of Bridge Bars and Jumbo Bridge Bars for large diameter boring, overturning and grooving. Seco Bridge Bars and Jumbo Bridge Bars feature internal through-coolant capabilities towards the cutting edge.

Offering better results and higher quality than milling by interpolation, use of Bridge Bars and Jumbo Bridge Bars lowers machining times and creates less stress on the machine spindle.

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Product Description

Designed for maximum flexibility, Bridge Bars are offered in a large range of diameters as standard products, covering a diameter range of 204 – 655 mm (8.03 – 25.78 inch). A variety of boring blocks is available for each operation, including rough boring blocks for symmetrical or staggered rough boring, fine boring blocks and counterweight block for fine boring and a Graflex block to mount A78050 fine boring heads for overturning operations. Bridge Bar holders are designed for an angular orientation every 30 degrees, making it easy to store bars in machine magazines.

Seco Jumbo Bridge Bars are made of high tensile aluminum with steel interfaces, and cover the 654 – 2155 mm (25.75 – 84.843 inch) diameter range. The modular concept of the Jumbo Bridge Bars uses standard Bridge Bars and boring blocks for excellent flexibility, precision and reliability. The boring blocks are easily clamped and adjusted within the Bridge Bar using a CAM driving mechanism, then the Bridge Bars are clamped within the Jumbo body.

Through-coolant supply of up to 70 bars directly to the cutting edge is available on the A731S Bridge Bars and Jumbo Bridge Bars.