335.14 - Mini Disc - Thread Milling Cutters

Generate precision threads in holes as deep as 106 mm with Seco’s new single raw Disc Mill 335.14 interchangeable threading heads and matching holder shanks. You will also be able to boost processing speed and versatility, as each head performs both chamfering and threading operations. Additionally, performing two operations with the same tool helps reduce required tooling inventories.

Other threading tools are limited in terms of either thread size and/or maximum hole depths they can thread. The new heads, unlike standard thread mills, are single raw disc mills that circular interpolate an entire hole depth and create threads pitch by pitch, which allows for greater achievable depths. The cutting action of the new heads also keeps chip sizes to a minimum and ensures taper-free deep-hole threading.

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Product Description

Smaller, less powerful machine tools can now easily generate big threads because the new heads cut with a single point. The heads thus require less machine power and torque.

Range Overview:

  • Both carbide and steel shank types
  • Internal coolant capability
  • Over 31 different carbide-coated heads
  • Applicable for all workpiece materials
  • Head threads and diameters
    – Metric from 11.7 mm to 21.7 mm and with partial profile from pitch 1 mm – 6 mm (14 pcs)
    – Whitworth full profi le heads from 11.7 mm to 17.7 mm and pitch 11, 14 and 19 tpi (G3/8-1”) (7 pcs)
    – UN at 17.7 mm with pitch 24 to 6 tpi (10 pcs)

Key Benefits:

  • Capability to produce deeper and more accurate threads
  • High process stability and  reliability
  • Increased versatility and reduced overall tool costs through interchangeability of heads
  • Effective chip control