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Yamawa Taps

In the frame of the development of cutting technology, taps are getting more and more important. Providing consistent and reliable performance, Yamawa taps fulfil the requirements of end-users.

Yamawa Dies

Yamawa dies are produced through the most modern manufacturing facilities, exploiting a long time expertise. Their accuracy and durability are highly evaluated among industries worldwide.

Yamawa Centering Tools

Yamawa center drills and tools are manufactured to meet the same top-quality requirements of Yamawa taps and dies.

“The perfect combination to optimize the chip flow in both drill and countersink portions“

Yamawa center drills feature spiral-fluted cutting edge on both sides, allowing a smooth chip ejection and reducing the risk of breakage caused by chip jamming. In order to offer increased strength, Yamawa center drills do feature a shortened drill portion, as well as rounded edges. Yamawa center drills are available in a wide range of styles and sizes.

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